About Us

aboutpic Mission
Our mission at Lillfield Academy is to encourage excellence in all areas of our students lives. We provide the building blocks necessary for our students to become multifaceted, intelligent, and ethically conscious citizens of the future.

As an English medium school, all subjects are taught in English. We believe that an exceptional knowledge of English provides students with a wider array of choices in their future; therefore, we emphasize mastery of the English language. We also encourage local language training and provide classes in Nepali and Hindi. All of our teachers are experts in their fields and well qualified to provide the highest quality teaching possible. We encourage our teachers to incorporate resources outside of the textbook when teaching to provide a well-rounded and purposeful learning experience to the students. Due to our unique connection with the United States, we also often provide classes taught by professionals and teachers from the USA.

Co-curricular Activities
As we strive to develop multifaceted students, co-curricular activities are essential to our goals. Students are offered opportunities to engage in various sports (football, badminton, and volleyball), arts, cultural and modern dance, quiz competitions, gardening, etc. They also participate in many social activities including tree planting and garbage cleanup. In addition, we stress the importance of a healthy spiritual life for our students. Our students come from a wide variety of religious backgrounds; however, due to our Christian roots regular prayer and Bible reading and teaching is provided.